Inkjet Service KD16N : black pigmented ink cartridge refill kit for HP Deskjet 6540 at the best value

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KD16N : black pigmented ink cartridge refill kit for HP Deskjet 6540

(The full Cartridge-Supersaver offer for HP Deskjet 6540...more information) (Back to printer)

allows 15 trouble-free inkjet cartridge refills

Full kit. Includes one bottle of pigmented ink : 150 ml yellow + injector + tools + detailed and illustrated user’s guide with the telephone number of our hotline (standard telephone rates).

The top-class inks included in this kit have been filtered and perfectly designed to suit your printer. Crab Chemical guarantees that the quality of their inks and prints are at least as good as those obtained using the original brand product..

This kit works with the original cartridges ref 338 and 339.

Easy to use with an average refill time of less than 10 minutes.

The purchase of one of our refill kits gives you full and unlimited access to our free hotline either by telephone (no extra phone charge) or by email.

Guaranteed quality. Crab Chemical® ink quality allows you to print on any surface you choose (paper, tracing paper, treated vinyl, transparencies, business cards, CD labels etc.). Of high chromatic stability, our inks remain strong well into the future.

Make: Crab Chemical®

All of our refill kits come with a 30-day full SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK guarantee (see sales conditions).

Precaution of use: refill the cartridge as soon as the print properties indicate that the ink level is low.

You should be able to refill a cartridge between 2 and 5 times in succession. But as the number of refills varies according to the make and the model of the cartridge, Crab Chemical® can offer no guarantee for the life span of a cartridge nor for the number of refills it can take.

Environmentally friendly: By refilling a cartridge 2 to 5 times you reduce the number of empty cartridges being thrown away by the same number - not to mention the amount of packaging that this implies – not to mention your own financial savings!

More information on inkjet cartridges refill :

This kit should allow you 15 refills at £2,77 per refill inclusive of VAT.

Price inclusive of VAT: £41,59      (Price before VAT: £41,59 )


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