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PWKEC : Powerklin Screen - screen cleaner for Canon Smartbase MP 360

(The full Cartridge-Supersaver offer for Canon Smartbase MP 360...more information) (Back to printer)

Cleans your pc screen (flat, crt, lcd), laptop, mobile, pda, car radio, even tv…

New! your screens and electronic equipment always clean and clear…

Powerklin builds on the success of its printer-head cleaning product with new screen cleaner kit comprising gentle, gasless spray and double action duster. Keeps those screens and other delicate surfaces of electronic equipment clean and sparkling. Your mobile will no longer be a nest of germs, your gps screen will be readable once again.

Perfect for every type of screen, pc, television, mobile, calculator, pda, car radio, mp3, etc.

This kit is brilliant for flat screens and cathod ray screens (crt, lcd, plasma).

One puff and it's clean !!!

Gentle cleaner for all surfaces (metal as well as glass and plastic). In 25 ml canisters - Contains no gas.

Comes with quality double action duster. One side wipes, the other shines and polishes. (Size 18,5 cm x 18,5 cm)

Make Powerklin
Reference : PWKEC

!!! Spécial offer: £8,89 € instead of £10,99 !!!

"I tried out your Powerklin screen cleaner on my car's little gps screen which looks quite fragile. All traces of grease disappeared in an instant! The same for the car radio and the dashboard. So much nicer not to keep hearing disparaging comments from my passengers about the legibility of my instrument panel ! :)" John, Paris 10.

Price inclusive of VAT: £8,86      (Price before VAT: £8,86 )


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