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PWK : Powerklin - Print Head Cleaner for Canon S750

(The full Cartridge-Supersaver offer for Canon S750...more information) (Back to printer)

Clean and unplug print heads

This kit comprises a 10ml bottle of cleaner, a flexible applicator tube + a 2.5 ml injector + a detailed user’s manual.

Powerklin® offers the best solution for cleaning and unclogging inkjet print heads.

Powerklin® is an innovative product that will get rid of even the most stubborn ink deposits on your print heads.

Ink remover. This product will not harm copper or plastic but will destroy all traces of ink.

Special Epson offer included
Powerklin® unblocks Epson print nozzles without any dismantling thanks to the flexible applicator included in the kit.

Works well for both black and colour inks (tinted, pigmented).

Print head cleaning is the essential for printer maintenance and for refilling ink cartridges.

Works with bubble-jet (Canon, HP, Lexmark etc inkjet printers) and piezzo (Epson inkjet printers).

An Inkjet-Service® registered trademark.

User’s manual – see how to unblock Epson printer nozzles.

Kit designed for 10 cleaning operations i.e. £ 1.20 per operation including VAT.

Buy two at once it's cheeper

Price inclusive of VAT: £10,80      (Price before VAT: £10,80 )


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