Inkjet Service U12N : black ink cartridge for Canon Smartbase MP 360 at the best value

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U12N : black ink cartridge for Canon Smartbase MP 360

(The full Cartridge-Supersaver offer for Canon Smartbase MP 360...more information) (Back to printer)

Compatible, ready-to-use, black inkjet cartridge

Compatible with reference: BCI-24BK.

This cartridge can be refilled using our refill kits.

Guaranteed quality.
Crab Chemical® ink quality allows you to print on any surface you choose (paper, tracing paper, treated vinyl, transparencies, business cards, CD labels etc.).
Of high chromatic stability, our inks remain strong well into the future and give a black of deep intensity.

Manufacture certified ISO 9000.

The high-resistance foam structure of this cartridge enables 8 to 10 consecutive refills, which combined with the use of a refill kit means important savings for you!

environment : one cartridge recharged 8 to 10 times means 8 to 10 empty cartridges less for waste processing - not to mention all the packaging that is saved.

Go to for more information on our refill kits.

Price inclusive of VAT: £3,60      (Price before VAT: £3,60 )


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